SMB QAPS presents a safe, nurturing incomparable facilities on a beautiful campus. We offer an exceedingly broad curricular and extracurricular program enjoyed by an exceptional and diverse community of learners following personalized paths, who relish a supportive culture, the school’s Episcopal identity, its ongoing commitment to continual self-improvement, and a deeply authentic dedication to making a positive difference in the world. We develop and expect strong character, promote innovation and growth, and desire excellence in all that we do. Simply put, the educational journey at SMB QAPS is truly extraordinary.

We Offer a variety of opportunities to grow beyond the classroom. SMB QAPS further divided in to four sections.

Preparatory Section

The learning needs of early childhood students in grades Pre-K through 1 are different from those of elementary school. Therefore, our youngest students need a place to call their own, which is specifically tailored to their needs. The SMB QAPS sets the stage for a child’s lifelong love of learning. This amazing center for students provides an environment for early childhood learning that allows flexibility and emphasizes exploration, play, and collaboration.

Primary Section

Our Primary Section for grades K through 5 provide a mixed-age, small group environment for children to learn more about themselves and SMB QAPS Core Cultural Norms. Social responsibility is instilled in our students at an early age and service to others is very much a part of that expectation. As such, all Primary Section students participate in community service projects throughout the year.

Lower Secondary Section

The mission of the Lower Secondary Section is to ease a student's transition to social and intellectual maturity. A strong emphasis is placed on developing a variety of study skills students will need to perform at their best.Academic requirements in the Lower Secondary Section are English, mathematics, history, science, religion, physical education, art, drama, and music Lower Secondary Section students also have an opportunity within the school day schedule to participate in an extensive after-school athletic program where over 85 percent of Lower Secondary Section participate in one or more sports yearly. Collaborative opportunities within all subject areas are enhanced by our state-of-the-art fabrication studio, digital lab, and modern classrooms.

Higher Secondary Section

The Higher Secondary is designed to provide students with the atmosphere and advantages of college. Students are offered various co-curricular activities.A culture of student leadership provides a wide range of opportunities – from student clubs and activities, to class representatives and Prefects, to peer tutors and campus guides.Community service at SMB QAPS cultivates a spirit of social responsibility and is a graduation requirement.

SMB QAPS is fortunate to have a transition counselor who offers support to new Higher Secondary students who may need academic support as they acclimate to curricular expectations.A significant part of this support is guided study hall, a six-week support program that meets three times a week to cover such topics as organization, obtaining extra help when needed, habits of “good” studying, and computer skills.The transition counselor works in conjunction with the academic counselors to ensure that each student has the necessary skills to succeed. Our students receive highly individualized college counseling, starting at the end of their sophomore year. Our College Counseling motto is, “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”