About QAPS

About QAPS

Sindh Madressah Board was founded in 1885 by Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi, who was widely regarded as one of the most prominent educationists in the subcontinent. It is one of the oldest modern Muslim educational institutions in South Asia, which introduced formal international English education to the people.

Janab Nisar Hassanally Effendi was born in Karachi on 24 th May, 1924 and gained his earlier education from Mumbai and then the Aligarh Muslim University. After graduating in Agriculture engineering, he started introducing modern values in agriculture sector and also established the Sindh Abadgar Sugar Mill in Tando Muhammad Khan.

However, he later persuaded his grandfather’s mission of imparting quality education by establishing Quaid-e-Azam public school in Darsano Channo. Mr. Nisar Hassanallay Effendi has been a symbol of hard work. With his relentless efforts he has been able to build the Quaid-e-Azam Public School and turn it into a center of excellence. It is because of his untiring efforts that the school is not only famous in rural areas of Karachi as well as many students of Baluchistan as well.

Janab Nisar Hassanally Effendi is highly esteemed for his pioneering role and contributions in rural development an introducing agro-based cooperative industries in Sindh.

Successfully manages the various institutions of the Sindh Madrasah-tul-Islam as the Head of Board of Trustees / Directors for a number of years and chairman QAPS governing body. Much concerned with the problems of the unemployed youth, pioneered the establishment of meaningful vocational training for the average students of the S.M.B Schools which are widely popular and adopted by other institutions as well.

Under his dynamic leadership a non-commercial residential Public School of the S.M.B School is being established on an extensive complex in Malir, named after the most illustrious alumni of the Sindh Madrasah, the Quaid-e-Azam. This highly professional institution is expected to cater and prepare students to successfully face the international challenges of the time.

He took an initiative in the 1st Golden Jubilee of the Sindh Madrasah-tul-Islam announcing the opening of an Educational Institute on 1st September 1985 in the presence of the President General Zia-ul-Haq. He was brave and bold personality, his love for people can be seen through his efforts. He lived for education and devoted himself to serve the deprived of the Education which is highly esteemed for his pioneering role.

Janab Nisar Hassanallay Effendi died in Karachi on Saturday, 1 st Feb, 2014 he .was admitted to the Agha Khan Hospital after fracturing his leg but passed away due to a cardiac arrest. “He survived for education. He always thought of encouraging it and devoted his whole life to it.”


  1. Sindh Madrasah-tul-Islam [1885]
  2. Jinnah Courts (Leslies Wilson Muslim Hostel) [1933]
  3. S.M Liyari School [1940]
  4. S.M Girls School [1942]
  5. S.M Arts College [1943]
  6. S.M Science Intermediate College [1945]
  7. S.M Law College [1947]
  8. S.M.B Fatima Jinnah Girls Secondary School [1953]
  9. S.M Science Intermediate College [1953]
  10. S.M Science Degree College [1957]
  11. S.M Commerce Degree College [1957]
  12. S.M.B Girls Primary School [1957]
  13. S.M.B Fatima Jinnah Girls College [1963]
  14. S.M Feeder School for Quaid-e-Azam Public School [1988]
  15. S.M.B Quaid-e-Azam Public School [1996]
  16. S.M.B Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital [2008]
  17. S.M.B Institute of Technology [2009]
  18. S.M.B QAPS Clusters Launched [2010]
  19. S.M.B Pak Land Vocational Center [2011]
  20. S.M.B Quaid-e-Azam Degree College [2012]
  21. S.M.B Community Development Programme (CDP) [2013]

Office Bearers



Hon . President



Hon . Vice President

Ashfaque Ahmed Memon (I)


Hon. Vice President

Prof.Dr.Shaista Effendi Rais(II)


Hon. Secretary

Shafiq-ur-Rehman Paracha.


Hon. Joint Secretary

Eng.M.Akram Baloch


Hon. Treasurer.

Muhammad Hanif



1. Mrs. Naheed Toufique Mooraj Head Mistress 01-01-1989 31-05-1991
2. Mrs. S. Y Afghan Principal Montessori Section 01-06-1991 1-05-2001
3. Mr. Abdul Moeed Farooqi Principal & Project Director(Lower secondary and Secondary section) 01-12-1994 15-02-2001
4. Mr. Sultan Nusrat Khan Principal 05-07-2001 31-08-2003
5. Mrs. Yazdana Mujtaba Principal 01-07-2003 31-01-2004
6. Mrs. Farah Brohi Principal 16-07-2007 17-03-2008
7. LT Col(R) Taj Muhammad Memon Principal 01-8-2009 17-03-2010
8. Syed Altaf Hussain Shah Principal & Project Director QAPS campus 05-10-2010 ---------