Nisar Hassanally Effendi

Nisar Hasanally Effendi was born in Karachi and received his earlier education from Bombay and then the Aligarh Muslim University. After graduating in Agriculture engineering, he started introducing modern values in Agriculture sector and also established the Sindh Abadgar Sugar Mill in Tando Muhammad Khan. However, he later persuaded his grandfather’s mission of imparting quality education by establishing Quaid-e-Azam Public School in Darsano Channo.

  • Janab Nisar Hassanally Effendi is highly esteemed for his pioneering role and contributions in rural development introducing Agro-based cooperative industries in Sindh.
  • He was brave Iron will person who lived active life and QAPS is proving of his kindness and love of Education.
  • He was the person who believed in serving the humanity and has been a symbol of hard work.
  • He lived for education and devoted himself to serve the deprived of the Education which is highly esteemed for his pioneering role.