QAPS NHE provides students the best environment to nourish their skills at every stage of education.

preparatory Section

Age: 5 Years and above

This section consists of

  • Preparatory Class
  • Kindergarten 1 & 2

This section builds and strengthens the academic foundation of the child. These basics help the child develop a stronger understanding of the lessons taught in higher classes.

primary section

Age: 6- 10 years

Classes: 1- 4

This section is essential in laying down the foundation of conceptual learning, which will be revisited in the higher classes in a more complex form.

Lower Secondary

Age:  8 – 12 years

Classes: 5 – 8 

At this stage every student needs special attention, therefore each student is given time and importance. Their over-all academic growth is closely monitored by trained and competitive staff guiding them both individually and collectively.

Higher Secondary

Classes: Matriculation & Intermediate

This stage is crucial for a student during the education as it prepares them for their board exams.

S.M.B Institute of Technology

Sindh Madressah Board has always been keen on taking up every opportunity that serves the cause of education. With this spirit Mr. Nisar Hassanally Effendi laid the foundation of SMB Institute of Technology.

The SMB Institute is affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education.

Located in the vicinity of SMB QAPS NHE, the institute consists of the following three departments.

  • Electrical Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Civil Technology

More technological courses are being considered to be added in the institute.